Ineke (The Netherlands)

October 22, 2009

Ineke 2


8 Responses to “Ineke (The Netherlands)”

  1. […] (images via advanced style and au coin de ma rue) […]

  2. I love this photo and would love to feature a full length on my blog if you are interested. My email is Thanks for this gorgeous photo.


  3. pruh said

    Wat een geweldige combi!

  4. Silvia said

    I hope I get to be like Ineke. She’s beautiful and she has a killer style.

  5. val said

    she’s so elegante…so beautiful!

  6. Alice said

    At last, someone over the age of 25! I found this website through Stumbleupon and I love it, but almost everyone in the photos is around the same age. They’re fascinating and beautiful, but I’d love to see a wider variety of ages, including children. Some children have great style. My niece is 4 and she dresses herself in some amazing combinations!

  7. Claude said

    great! i love it how she matched it all.
    too bad green is not one of my fav colors, but other than that, i think she looks great, especially for someone at her age.

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