Violette (Un an plus tard)

November 29, 2010

if you want to see Violette one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to sneak a peak into Violette’s life,

50 dollars : I received them from my biological father. It’s pretty much the only thing I still have from him. He died when I was very young thus my mother is the one who took care of me.

50 mm lens : I started being obsessed with photography when I was 12 years old. Thanks to this lens I am reaching a level that I was seeking for. Mystery and poetry are my main goal when I am shooting.

Rose : I have been wearing a similar flower in my hair each day for a very long time. I lost it one day at a Festival.

Necklace: now this is the piece of jewel I am wearing each day. Someday, when I have saved enough money, I will reproduce this same one in gold.

The small ring : my boyfriend bought it for me in a children’s vending machine at a children’ swimming pool in his hometown. It’s worth 50 cent and I cherish it.

The Darth Vader ring : I bought it in Berlin with my boyfriend. We were just together when we decided to go on this trip.

Moodboard/small picture: a picture of the feature film I played in, this summer. The title is « Dead end kids ». I have invested a lot of energy in this work and would love to pursue this kind of experience. Another film is in pre-production at the moment.

Little doll: my mother has always used this doll to tell me stories at night.

Make-up: I rarely go out without this pink make-up.

Black small earing: I used the graphic of this jewel to create the form of my tattoo that I am wearing on my shoulder. The tattoo is slightly bigger.

Cigarette holder: I started using it because my lipstick was slipping away when I was smoking a cigarette. Afterwards I changed the brand of the lipstick but I continued to use the cigarette holder.

Stickers: Tattoo that I gave to my boyfriend when I came back from Croatia. It’s the logo from his company (film production company).  This work represents a lot for him.

Picture of the rusty car: my favorite picture of my graduation portfolio.

Polaroid: picture of my best friend « Nala » and myself.

Triplets of Belleville: my favorite animation film…the most beautiful film ever made. I received it from a friend who knew I would adore it, although we didn’t even knew each other that well at the time.

The erotic vintage leaflet : one of my best friends, Sam gave it to me. He was travelling in Columbia and when he received it from someone he thought about me.

« Lief Stout » book: my favorite book when I was young. I loved the drawings !


2 Responses to “Violette (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Burcin said

    I just discovered your blog, amazing job I’ll be watching you ; )

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