Marie Mart (Un an plus tard)

December 13, 2010

if you want to see Marie Mart one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to sneak a peak into Marie Mart’s life,

The sculpture with the Barbie legs : I have created this sculpture when I was 15 in reaction to my passion for Dadaïsme. Since then I have always kept it in my room. When I find out about an artist or an artistic movement, I want to buy everything related to it. Everything which is old, full of dust and linked to the artist or movement: I need to have it! I guess I will always keep this nostalgic taste of mine.

Letter on top: letter I received from my actual boyfriend at our first break-up a long time ago. He writes in a very honest and heartbreaking  way. Now we are back together.

Picture of  Tracey Emin : I am fascinated by her. It’s the first exhibition I saw in the Stedelijk Museum and this picture is coming from there. I kept it as a poster since I am 13 years old. I considered her as my alter ego. I even created a project around her in London: I asked random people to wear a wig and to pretend to be Tracey Emin. I love her quality of aesthetics and craft full of traditional feminine techniques (bordures, knitting…). I have also tried to insert it in my own work. I like the fact that she never shows her real face and personality. She constructs her personality into a piece of art.

Cup of tea: my father’s background is English and I look amazingly like my grandfather who still lives in Kent and I visit him once a year because I somehow love the traditional English culture. In general I’m not very English, but for some little details I can be very much from this origin (hanging flowers, Jane Austen…).

Peter Jansen : I am a fan of this artist who is not really famous but whom I adore. When I was young I used to visit hippieweekends. These were organised by the parents of my best friend and and it was during these weekends  that I would traditionally visit the extreme atelier of Peter Jansen (full of middle-age Installation, earth sculpture natural forms and stone). He moved to Latvia a couple of years ago and I went to visit him straight away.  It was was a very special trip. His place is in the middle of  a beautiful nowhere.  The old wooden  house full of his sculptures, in a  landscape with mist hanging on the high grass; as if I was wandering around in a Tarkovski film (which I am a big fan of btw).  He let me keep one object. I choose this rusty eagle Sea God which originally lives in a nest of iron nails.

Picture with me and my father: as a small girl I loved to play hairdresser with him. Unfortunately he wasn’t home that often. “Everywhere but not in Amsterdam”. My first souvenir comes from Berlin. We were living there when the wall fell in 1989 and one of my first memories was of this historic day in November.  My father is what you call a  gesamst Künstler All his art is linked to violin (books, gigantic sculptures, performances, films and compositions ). He is known in a small circle of experimental musicians  ( I was his little princess  and would have loved to stay that for a little longer, but alas…  artists go there own way in spite of everyone else . And in the end I’m glad to be related to such an inspiring character, even if he is oceans away.  Luckily my bound with my mother is extremely tight. I left home three years ago and this was a very hard for me.

Picture of the ‘freak’: I have an amazing group of girlfriends. Together we saw the film  « Fur » about Diane Airbus. We all bought the same card of Lionel Sweeny, a freak Diane photographed. Somehow this card binds us.

The postcard “I dream of sleep”: I’ve had sleeping problems until recently. This quote expresses it very well and hangs above my bed.

The quote: “ I do not pee….”: I simply love practical jokes. The second time I was in Berlin, this quote was hanging everywhere and I found it hilarious.

The Letter (next to the picture of my father and me): One of the many overseas correspondences between my father and I. They will be worth a lot if one of us becomes famous. Until that day, they remain interesting letters revealing a creative though difficult relation between two individuals who are more alike then they would like to admit

The straw hat: I have an old, dusty souI and I always wish I was born in the twenties. I love this Edwardian hat and I wore it a lot this summer.


5 Responses to “Marie Mart (Un an plus tard)”

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  2. Dmitry said

    Barbie sculpture is awesome…

  3. Nikki said

    OH Goshh she is amaaaazing. I really want to be her!!! LOVE her style. And I am not a lesbian.

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