Nadine (Un an plus tard)

December 26, 2010

if you want to see Nadine one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Nadine’s life,

Mask : It’s coming from a souvenir store in liquidation that was selling all 60’s articles. I hate clowns but I love Pierrot, Harlequins and costumes. I am obsessed with objects, clothes, items from the past…with history linked to it.

Flyer of Burlesque : because I like to go to old fashioned parties and the burlesque evenings are all about the 20ties to the 50ties. I also like to do burlesque performances, and to dress up old style.

Polaroid of my sister and a friend: We went to Antwerp to drink special beers and to saunter around in the old city. We were staying in a lovely jugendstil style hotel. It was lovely, the only thing was : We went on a Monday and it was the most quiet day of the year called  ”lost monday”.

Sketch : I am drawing all the time when I am alone and that I have nothing to do.

Postcard that I love: I have this habit of sending plenty of postcards to everyone. I also love receiving postcards…i hope there’s gonna be a revival of letters and postcards. I hope that internet will collapse one day.

Weed : from my garden.. my mother does well in gardening

Candies : because what it all represent. You don’t see it often anymore so it’s a little like nostalgia.

Gingerbread man : just cause I like this character. This one is from Macdonalds (I try to not go there but when Gingerman was coming to Macdonalds I desparately went there every day).

Gloves : coming from the vintage store where I am working : Winni’s. Moreover, I love the details in woman’s fashion (the old-fashion) it’s so delicate but still usefull.

Necklace: with a letter Inside that I specially like. I bought it myself.

Hairclips : from Japan to Mexico, beautiful hairclips are always something I have to buy.

Blythe (petite) : I am obsessed with these dolls for such a long time. I am really hoping to buy a big one in a near future.

Babymask : again from the 60’s.something I am using for all my crafts.

Tambourine : mostly with friends we end up improvising music with all sorts of instruments.

Hart picture : Halloween party with my sister and a very good friend. But in general we like to fully dress up for every occasion possible!

Nailpolish : I love to use it , I only should use it more because its always half-gone.

Troletje : these trolls where something I collected when I was young.. I think almost everybody did. Because they were the shit!!!!!

Decoration : I normally buy all my clothes vintage, (i also work in one : Wini) but if I buy a boring modern shirt I like to make it different with decorations etc.

Lighter : I simply collect lighters…

Sunglasses: there are from a shop in amsterdam that sells original glasses from the fifties up to the seventies/eighties. The shop has’nt changed since 1960 I think.
It’s open on Saturday afternoon.


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