Kris (Un an plus tard)

January 10, 2011

if you want to see Kris one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Kris’ life,

Francis Bacon’s painting : especially for the form, the colors, the atmosphere…he is so strange and makes me think of David Lynch who is one of my favorite directors.

Little animals : are all coming from India. Again it’s their form and color that I found interesting. I bought it in a very small store full of old posters in a huge crowded market.

Camera : on the academy I used to shoot with a digital but then I decided to go back to argentic photography. I really like the ‘old’ feeling of the film, including stripes and dots, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Actually, I really like the imperfection of everything…

Cigarettes: what can I say….

Glasses: just to fill up space 🙂

Necklace : It’s all about LOVE, in everything you do……p.s: I bought it myself

Make-up : I  have a very pale/ clear skin so I NEED to put a little color on my cheeks, otherwise I give light, and it’s a little chic, I like that….

Movie subscription card : Movies are one of my biggest inspiration, especially those who are very cynical and have ‘dark/ black’ humor- combined with great camerawork and of course colors. My favorites: Todd Solondz, Michael Hanneke, Jaques Tati, David Lynch & Roy Andersson.

Parfume : Kenzo – Summer, smells like Zwitsal…

Little note book « 2M2 » : my upcoming project

Picture of my sister and myself: Now, I am the blond one!

Small puppets: Lucky charms that I received from my sister from Guatemala, they are so sweet and simple, made of rolled up paper, sand, and ink, very cute!

Agenda: I’m too chaotic, so I write everything in my agenda, but then never look at it 🙂


8 Responses to “Kris (Un an plus tard)”

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  2. fashionandmilkforbreakfast said

    Hi! I’ve seen your blog on (here: and I’ve thought that you have a really amazing blog! Seryously. Is different by the other and for that it’s very beautiful. And Also whit your memory game you have had an amazing ideas!


    if you want come to visit my blog:, I’ll be very gratefull if you’ll enjoy it, and maybe you become one of my follower. And also I’ll be onorate. Thank you so much.

    • tuinwoman said

      thank you so much for your compliment! Really!
      and thanks for letting me know that the mentionned it. I didn’t know it. I am honored 🙂

      • tuinwoman said

        Btw, I just checked your blog and I like your vision! It’s different. Nice!
        Too bad I don’t understand italian.

      • Veronica said

        Thanks so much too for your compliments! Well I’m not so good to write in english so I prefer write on my own language that is italian, but if you want read what I write you can translate it with the translator that I’ve put at the end of the page on my blog, so everyone can read it!
        keep in touch if you want!

  3. Veronica said

    Hi! I really love your blog. I’ve seen it on (here: I’ve appreciate your idea to do a memory games with fashion and street people. It’s original,amazing and funny! really. Also your blog is fantastic and amazing.
    Hope you’ll keep going on like that.

    If you want come to see my blog ( I’ll appreciate very much if you’ll enjoy it, and maybe if you’ll become one of my follower.

  4. irena said

    i have a crush with your blog and a crush with this girl.
    she is breath-taking and she radiates peace. LOVE her!
    and i absolutely love your blog… it’s some kind of blogged proust’s questionnaire. 🙂

    • tuinwoman said

      Thank you for the sweet compliment. It is indeed an ongoing proust questionnaire. Next project (in november 2011) will get even deeper 🙂

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