Roos (Un an plus tard)

January 24, 2011

if you want to see Roos one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Roos’ life,

Converse: I am always wearing sneakers in order to move around fast from one place to another. They represent, in a way, my athletic side. I need to sport a few times a week otherwise I start thinking too much and that’s not a good thing. Working out keeps me grounded and fit. I am a pilates teacher myself and I also do yoga. I am my own company and thus I need to take care of myself!

Magazine Marie Claire: This article reflects my crazy last year! I have worked very hard and fortunately that got rewarded by winning the Dutch tv-programme “Project Runway”. The pictures are the outfits of the collection with which I won the prize and the drawing next to it is one of the original sketches.

The leaflet of my new collection. My style is best described as comfortable power dressing (relaxed but you feel powerful when wearing it). This lookbook is the collection of next summer (2011) shown at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. As of March 2011 it will be sold in ten stores in Holland and Belgium: for example at Young Designer United in Amsterdam and ANSH in Rotterdam.

Logo of my brand (and etiquettes) ROPAROSA: After winning the game, I created my brand and thus the logo. I then really started with my collections and they were received very well. I even entered the VIVA400 (400 most successful young women of 2010) and also got into the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (Backstage pass of Amsterdam’s fashion show).

Leaflet “Maison de la Bonneterie”: During the fashion week, my first designs were sold in this store.

Nail polish: I never really wear accessories, but without nail polish I feel really plain.

Pin cushion & meter: they both represent my profession and my passion!

CD cover of the band “XX”: I’ve been super busy working, but this is one of the few concerts I have been to this year. The CD is a present from a special friend.

Smartphone: I have created an online magazine, named “ROPAROSA MAG., which can only be read on your mobile phone ( It’s a little like a blog but in a magazine lay-out style. The fun part of the hangtag of my clothes is that there is a code bar on it and when you scan it with your mobile phone, the magazine appears.


4 Responses to “Roos (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Paz said

    If I had time, I’d love to draw every single person on your photos. Well who knows, maybe this summer.
    Would that be legal?

    Love from Spain

  2. mexicocityobserver said

    does anyone over 40 live at the corner of your street?

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