Sterre (Un an plus tard)

February 8, 2011

if you want to see Sterre one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Sterre’s life,

Agenda: My life has been really crazy this  past year. Since I left the regulated path of university, I thought it would be more quiet but actually this did not happen at all! It might have gotten worse, it never stops.

Polaroïde 1: This year started with the launch of our collective ( with Matthew, Thijs (see picture below) and myself. We’ve been creating performances ever since. “On the Bus” is the slogan, or tag, for anybody that wishes to join or who shares our collaborative inspirations.

Polaroïde 2: that’s the picture of my last day with my roommates (before we left with Furthur Labelz) We are having a last dinner, sitting on the floor because almost all the furniture we had belonged to me.

DVD « No Direction Home » : Extremely nice documentary about Bob Dylan.  I find him very inspiring, but this DVD also represents all the other great inspirations from the sixties.

Passport: I have been travelling a lot in my life. My dad works for shell so we had to move quite a lot. And I get restless when I stay somewhere too long, I’m sort of like a gypsy. This last year especially was crazy with travelling. This passport if full of beautiful stamps, it’s almost a travel diary.

Een Smaak van liefde, from Sterre van Rossem : My first book of short stories.

I had just created a literary magazine with a friend for our studies. Since we had little copy I also had to write for it and a publisher (Prometheus) contacted me and gave me ‘carte blanche’ to write a novel. I couldn’t believe it!  I really wanted to write short stories, and so this is the result. They are a bit absurd stories, magical realism is what the genre is mostly called. I write about what fascinates me, ideas like; what would happen if your echo had a mind of it’s own? What would happen if you met a people that would only tell lies because they don’t care about the truth? Where do our dreams come from? What is it like to die? I write a lot about death and memory, that’s what fascinates me most. I write about it in a light way, though. I imagine that death could be a business transaction, or an adventure, or a myth. Anyway, read the book J It can be found in Athenaeum Boekhandel, Xantippe, Scheltema, actually all bookstores can order it if they don’t have it in store.

Diane: I love this little analogue camera. It was a gift from Matthew. It’s such an exciting moment when you go to pick the film up. It’s super nostalgic and romantic. And the pictures are beautiful; even if only 5 turn out great you feel more satisfaction than with 300 great ones from a digital one. At least I do.

Asthma: I always carry this around. I’ve had asthma ever since I was young. My friends will recognize this funny looking thing as mine.

Museumkaart: This is an amazing investment; with this card you can go in all the museums for free. As soon as I have two minutes off I’ll enter a museum. I find it so inspirational. Even if you don’t have the time, you should make time for it. Especially Foam and van Gogh are nice for short visits. And it works for the whole of Holland, so also Booijmans in Rotterdam or the Groninger museum.

Photobooth picture: This is taken in a photobooth in Japan. If you look closely, you can see that our eyes are replaced by dolls eyes. Very peculiar.

Necklace: I got this from my parents when we moved back from Scotland. It’s antique, and it shows a thistle. The thistle is the symbol of Scotland.

Bracelet: I wear this almost every day. I don’t know why. It cost like 2 euro but I love it.

Bio-veg meat: haha, I push this on everybody. Not particularly this brand or stuff. But I am a vegetarian. I have many debates about it, with especially Thijs, who does like my vegetarian cooking. I try to make the veg dishes more appetising than the meat ones in order to persuade my friends to become vegetarians as well.

Glasses: I have really sensitive eyes. I start tearing as soon as the wind blows or the sun shines. I wear a lot of sunglasses, especially in the summer I can’t do without. It’s not so nice when you talk to people, they can’t look you in the eye. But it’s also no fun if you’re squeezing all the time, or even crying!

Ipod: Can’t live without music.

Ginger Lemon Tea: Any tea, actually. And this brand is really cute. It’s organic (mostly) fair-trade and every teabag has a saying or little wish on it. I’m a sucker for those things.

Samples of painting : Matthew and myself just moved in a new apartment and we are trying to figure out which paint we are going to choose. I have never spend so much time in Praxis and Ikea as this year, but our tiny apartment looks great now and I know all about painting walls and rewiring cables and stuff.


One Response to “Sterre (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Amy Noelle said

    Seeing this was a really nice end to the day. I love seeing how it looks as though the people in the pictures have grown even though it’s been a year since the portraits.

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