Rosalina (Un an plus tard)

March 2, 2011

if you want to see Rosalina one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Rosalina’s life,

Andy Warhol’s bag : I received it from my grand mother at my birthday. It’s an art piece and thus I didn’t dare using it until now… I am sure I will though…for a great moment.

Picture with the white frame: photo of my grand-mother : It’s my only true family as I have been a foster child all my youth. I don’t have any contact with my mother of father anymore and I have no need to see them at all (a child should always been cherished by his parents not damaged). I consider my grandmother as my mother.  Apparently we have very similar personalities and as she is Buddhist, she believes I am the reincarnation of her older sister who was killed in Auschwitz during WWII. Unfortunately she lives in Belgium but I try to call and visit her as much as I can.

Picture with the black frame : It’s a picture of my favorite foster mum. It’s the family where I staid the longest. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time moving from one family to another. Now that I am older, I am still living alone but my friends have become my real family.

Magnet: I received it in Israel. It has nothing special but it represents my religion which I am proud of.

Phone, Wallet, Keys: 3 things I always have with me otherwise I feel naked. I am so careful not to loose them. It’s a real obsession!

Perfume bottle “Quel Amour!” from Annick Goutal: A friend of mine brought me to the store in Rotterdam and offered me this bottle. All the smells are divine. I couldn’t make my mind until I smelled this one.  I thought, “this is better than orgasm!”.

Make up : I could fill an entire floor with make up ! I am obsessed with these products and I am becoming a real pro ! I may sound like an actress from the fifties, but I almost never go out without make-up…never ! My favorites at the moment are : the concealer from collistar, lancome Mascara and the red lipstck from Chanel.

The glasses: Retro glasses that I received from my ex-boyfriend. I love them because they are different. In general, everybody is wearing so much the same! It’s sooo boring!!!! I need to feel different.

Ipod: I am listening to all kinds of music: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, experimental music (Adore Bjork!), Country…

Because I take good care of me, everybody think I am a hip&hop kind of girl but not at all. It’s such plain, empty music…


5 Responses to “Rosalina (Un an plus tard)”

  1. JGregg said

    Rosalina is adorable. Another great post!

    Diggin’ the ex’s taste in retro sunglasses, but you were them well Rosalina. It’s so interesting to me (a simpleton American) how many in the EU and UK are enthralled with Americana, whilst we LOVE the European elan (I also happen to be an Anglophile).

    See you next time … Jg. for


  2. Marilynka said

    I just discovered your blog and I must say I love the concept. Plus those portraits are gorgeous they actually tell a story!

    • tuinwoman said

      Thank you so much for the compliment. That’s really what I am trying to do so I am really happy that the pictures do tell their story.

  3. Daniel J said

    Why doesn’t she said anything about the great camera?? Looks like Olympus OM-1…

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