Dido (Un an plus tard)

March 10, 2011

if you want to see Dido one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Dido’s life,

Headdress from Lolita Fashion: This headdress is of the brand Baby the stars shine bright (http://www.babyssb.co.jp/ ). It’s the first brand I ever bought and still one of my favourites. I usually wear it on special occasions.  Lolita fashion is a street designer of Japan and yes I am indeed a huge fan of Japan. It all started when I was about 5, 6 years old. I liked everything about the ancient culture of China however later I discovered China had destroyed everything of that era. I was heartbroken! A few years later I started watching a  TV animation series called “Sailor moon” and my passion from China switched to Japan.  What I love about Japan are the strange little things Japanese people like and do. They have interest in the occidental world but their interpretation from it is so distorted! Well it’s this weirdness that I like. For example: Lolita Fashion.  The style is inspired by both the Rococo time and the Victorian Era mixed into the the Japanese Street style from nowadays http://www.lolitafashion.org/what_is_lolita.php).

In ccl, what I adore in Japan is this struggle between the old and modern times.

Glasses: I love finishing my look with glasses. To tell the truth I would have started wearing glasses even if I didn’t have eye problems at all. Last year, I used to wear these red non-correcting glasses almost all the time. Perhaps wearing them got my vision worse…

1st one from the top: my actual glasses that are so classic and that I only wear when I have to!

2nd from the top: These are the glasses of my mother. She used to wear them back when she was 20 or so and lived in Paris. I don’t know what happened to the glasses. I think they broke. I never replaced them but love wearing them anyway.

3rd from the top: My favorite ones – made of plastic that I bought on the market for a few euros and that don’t have correction glasses. I love them so much because of their colour; bright red.

4th one: The glasses of my father. I sometimes wear them because I love the round old looking shape and we have the same eyes sight.

My collection of rings: I have such thin fingers that almost all of them are a bit too large for me so when I find one which fits me, I can’t stop myself from buying it. For example I received this Vivienne Westwood ring from my boyfriend but I can only wear it at my  forefinger in the summer (not in the winter!).

Japanese doll, Okita: I am fascinated by these Ball jointed dolls but as they are so expensive, I could only afford the head  and I’m still saving money for the body. This one is supposed to be Okita Souji and officer of the Shinsengumi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinsengumi ) I also read a comic about the Shinsengumi.  Of course my doll won’t look anything like the original but I still love how he has something to do with the comic.(http://www.volks.co.jp/en/superdollfie/sd13/okitasouji/index_okitasouji.aspx )

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the end of the World” from Haruki Murakami:My favourite book from him so far. Everybody speaks always about “Norwegian wood” or “Kafka on the shore” but for me this one is the best!

Pocket watch: I am collecting all sorts of clock especially old ones I love them but they never work because I forget to re-wind them.

The little Alien: An earring made by my mother.  I like wearing two different earrings or only one earring so this one is a perfect fit. My mother makes all kinds of creatures like these. She is a sculptor and my father a painter and web designer.

CD: “Dir and Grey”: Japanese music that I simply love. I bought this CD on my first date with my boyfriend. We went to a concert of Dir and Grey.

The wallet: just because I always have it with me.

Sketchbook: This is my sketchbook I carry around until it’s completely full with drawings. It’s mostly by my side. The text on it says: “By your side I would willingly storm the gates of the Dark City itself. Never doubt it!” It’s a quote of my favorite character “Zevran” from the  game; “Dragon age Origins “. I wrote this shortly after finishing the game. On the other side of my sketchbook (not viewable)  I drew the logo of batman, just to have my favourite super hero with me at all times.

Gloves: Just like clocks I collect gloves. I find it funny how expensive ‘vintage’ gloves are here in the Netherlands. I bought these laced-gloves in Gent, Belgium, for only a few euros in some old lady’s store.  I usually wear them in combination with Lolita clothes.

Binoculars: They used to be of my Grandmother’s. I loved them so much because she gave them to me when I was a kid. I use them for watching musicals, theater and classical ballet. I think they fit well with my Neo-victorian style.


2 Responses to “Dido (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Marilynka said

    great post..I like her glasses collection a lot

  2. megegan said

    interesting girl, very much so

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