Luam (Un an plus tard)

March 18, 2011

if you want to see Luam one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Luam’s life,

Crow: It’s my favorite bird. I love their blackness, it’s so beautiful, so perfect. They’re not only beautiful, but extremely smart (for birds). In Berlin they actually have crows that have light grey wings. They are called «Nebelkrähen», literally translated that means «mist crows» (engl.: dun crows), but you won’t find them here. But then, here, you have “Dohlen” (engl.: jackdaws), which you won’t find in Berlin.

«En Attendant Godot»:  I just simply love the absurdity of this play:  «There is no meaning to anything».

Michael Jackson: I was obsessed with him from a very young age. When I was 5 or 6 years old I was determined to marry him! On one hand, I wanted to be him (after taking a bath, when my hair was still wet I always put one of my curls in the middle of my forehead and pretended I was Michael), on the other hand I wanted to marry him. I even had arguments with my mother sometimes, because she chose Germany over the United States when she fled from Eritrea. I was blaming her for distroying my future life as the wife of Michael Jackson.

Fat Freddy’s drop (CD) – 2005: That’s a group from New Zealand and they are amazing! They call their music ‘High Tech Soul‘. It’s a mix of dub, reggae (even though I hate reggae > It’s a music that sucks your energy instead of giving you energy). I don’t know how to describe it, in the beginning it’s very subtle, but then it slowly but surely creeps into you. Their concerts are more like jams. A particular song sounds never quite the same, it’s reinterpreted each time you hear them play it. They are also not doing any advertising (only mouth to mouth propaganda) and still their concerts are always sold out.

Sticker by London Police (Streetart collective): I like their work ( and know it already from when I was living in Berlin, although they are based here in Amsterdam. I first encountered their art at “Backjumps – The Live Issue #2”, that is a streetart and graffiti exhibition in Berlin ( Backjumps used to be a graffiti magazine but since 2003 Adrian regularly organises these exhibitions. What I like about this sticker is that it’s actually a collaboration between London Police and Wayne Horse (the face), but you don’t notice that immediately.

Concert ticket from “MF Doom”  or “Doom”: Now he can’t call himself MF Doom anymore, because he had a fight MF Grimm, the guy who gave him the title “MF”. So now he goes by th ename DOOM. The concert was amazing! It was actually his first time in Europe. It’s one of the greatest MC’s ever because he has such a unique, sick flow. He always wears a mask because apparently back in the days when he was living in the streets he cut his own face with a broken bottle. Because of the mask you can only guess if it’s actually him on stage, but when you’re there, you know.

Necklace with the tape: It’s from H&M, but still, so far, I only saw one person wearing it. I’m lucky that, apparently, not too many people bought it at the time.

Red Glasses: I bought it at the “BrilMuseum” in Amsterdam ( . What I like about this shop is that most of the glasses are unique so you won’t easily bump into someone wearing the same ones. It’s the shade of the glasses that makes them so special. When you put them on everything around you becomes golden. I Love it!

Red little case: It’s a German card game called “Doppelkopf” that I used to play a lot with the boys in Berlin. Here, I don’t know anybody who plays it and I can’t teach it my friends, beause I don’t remember all the rules.

Camera: It’s a “Agfa Clack” from the sixties. I bought it in order to experiment a bit with analog photography, but I haven’t started my experimentation, yet.

Lego earrings: I bought these at a market in Notinghill, London. I had to have them, they’re so funny. And it’s even funnier that people always ask me if I made them myself. Whenever I wear them I get compliments. I guess that’s because everybody can relate to Lego.

Plexiglas earrings: I got these from a girl, that used to be a good friend. One of her friends made them himself. They remind me of summer somehow. Maybe it’s the color, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t choose to wear them on a rainy or cold day.

Necklace with little purse: This necklace is so old. It broke already twice, but I fixed it with these safety pins. I like them like that. It was the last one at the shop where I bought them, but although Amsterdam is so small I never saw someone wearing that necklace. I actually really use it as a purse sometimes. You can’t fit too many coins in it, but one or two folded bills, which is enough to spend at a party (I hate to carry a purse at a party).

Notebook with silver sticker: I got this one as a farewell present from a friend of mine in Berlin. That was when I left for Amsterdam in 2006. He’s a street artist and does mainly stencil art, like here. It’s Muhammed Ali on it. I actually documented the first months in Amsterdam in this notebook. Really funny, I just read a few pages recently. I


One Response to “Luam (Un an plus tard)”

  1. J Koes said

    wish i could be friends with her. she is absolutely amazing, and her stuff suggests we are reasonably similar in terms of personality.

    love the idea behind your blog. you totally made my day!

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