Geoffrey (Un an plus tard)

April 4, 2011

if you want to see Geoffrey one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Geoffrey’s life,

Clarinette : from my grandfather who made this. He owned a second hand music store and turned a clarinet into a lamp. I have always been attracted by his universe. He had a bar in his basement (my grandparents were quite separate emotionally and used to sleep at different floors).It was like a Grandpa version of a bachelor pad.They were quite both eclectic. They suddenly bought 4 million books from NY in 1960 that they shipped to North Dakota.

Champagne Corck : My girlfriend and I took a lesson of « how to open champagne bottles with a sword ». She got it for me on my birthday. We went to a farm, a little outside of Rotterdam. You learn how to set the temperature of the bottle right (4° and 6°). That’s actually the main trick. I made my first public appearance with friends in NY. Fortunately I succeeded at once. But even if you fail, a broken bottle still seems impressive so I I wasn’t worried.

Story Of Jazz : early stages of Jazz. People leaving New Orleans to NY in order to pursue their music.

Miniature car structure : My Grandpa was buried in something that looks like this small car. For the explanation, there was a whisky brand at the time who used selling bottles in these miniature cars (a little bigger than this one, of course). They had to take two of them because the ashes didn’t fit only one.

Wooden Cat : My girlfriend and I went to the cat museum here in Amsterdam ( It’s a beautiful mansion on the Herengracht. One day we walked in there and we told the owner that I was the most famous European cat fashion photographer (and claimed the title) and he believed me. So we got to do a very intense photo shoot where my girlfriend had made costumes for the cats such as hair extensions, sequin dresses, glamorous stylised costumes. The Outfits doesn’t make the cats look like human but they emphasis their own body.  We had an opening at the museum with a piano player and all and every picture was sold so from then on I could truly say when someone asks me what I am doing that I am a Professional cat photographer.

Blue paint tube : I paint a lot. It’s a little like therapy. It’s not like directing a video or creating an animation where I have to coordinate all these people to make something happen.

Teeth : I always had them. I don’t really remember how ? Maybe in Boston when I was living there. I still miss the place where we were living. An old Factory with huge ceilings…we even had a swing in there.

Picture : Me and my girlfriend photographed in the Noordemarkt by a photographer who uses this very old camera technique. I look petrified and she is blinking but I still like this picture.

Chandelier : It’s in the center of my place sitting on a wooden trunck.

Skull : Coming from Mexico. Not a real one though. I bought two of them it in the Streets and brought them back here but I think they were cursed cause I got really sick from them. So I brought them to a witch doctor and got them uncursed and now they are all fine.

Perverted cards of the 7O’s : they belonged to my grandpa. They come from his bachelor pad.

Marionette : I really like them and collect them in a way (I have 6 or 7).

Bottle of Chartreuse : It was given by a friend of mine. Her father always gives her these bottle of Chartreuse. His father used to be the producer of Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Wolfsohn.

« Mad about Mad » : with my grandmother owing a second hand bookstore, we grew up with these children’s books. still ship them over here. It’s like a comfort object.

Eyes Balls : I love everything linked to eyes. You can see the soul of everything through an eye ball.

Horse ring : It’s truly hair of a horse shaped into a ring. I am not wearing it enough but I should. I got it as a gift.

Frog brain : dissected and squeezed between two glasses.

Watch : Mao Watch that my Partner, who created the company with me ( brought me back from China.

Geoff’s amazing universe:


2 Responses to “Geoffrey (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Love the story about becoming the most famous cat photographer- so inspirational-

  2. JGregg said

    wow … geoff is a regular repository of oddities and curios; muy interesante!

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