Amandla (Un an plus tard)

April 12, 2011

if you want to see Amandla one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Amandla’s life,

Shoes : I adore the line of these shoes, unfortunately I broke them doing god knows what ?

Perfume « Comme des garçons » : simply the perfume I love the most, I have been using it since I was fourteen. I really like this brand, such as this perfume stample.

Vogue « The Barbie Issue » : Not that I am obsessed with Barbies but I like the overall look of this book.

Green Tea : Not much to add, I simply adore this tea and I can’t stop drinking it.

Kagetsu : my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. In the Jordaan, the nicest neighbourhood of Amsterdam. They are still restoring it but they will be open any time soon.

This bracelet is from BLESS, a brand from Berling, I bought them at a friend’s store called Soepboer & Stooker I find the message on the it inspirational : « Just another additional something ».

Iphone : just got it (4 days ago), just broke it… I am kind of distracted

Old camera : I used to make pictures, just for the fun of it…Now I still need to repair my camera.

Brown glasses : I intended to buy a very expensive pair of glass and I saw these ones at the H&M and couldn’t resist.

Black glasses : Even if I broke them (again !), I can’t separate myself from them. Who can keep glasses intact more than a few weeks ? I got them at Zipper

Lipbalm : I am often choosing products only because I like the overall look of the packaging.

Nailpolish : I have a ‘friend’ who has a green neon at his window and I used to put always my hand and nails (I often wear green mint nailpolish) in front of it. He dared me to find a nailpolish from the same color of his neon. It’s this one which is called : « Malibu Green ». So now, I match the lighting of his room.

Warderobe ticket of the club « Trouw » in Amsterdam : It’s a club where I am often going. Underground club in an old newspaper printer factory. You can also eat there during the day.

Moleskine little notebook : I love these little books such as everyone.

Ticket of an exhibition in Paris of the Artist Jan Dibbets He is the grandfather of a friend of mine and I really like his work.

Subway card of NY : Want to go back to NY asap !

Earings : Anne-Rixt, a friend of mine Drew an owl one day and since then I am obsessed with owls.

Little miror of the chanel eyeshadow : I am sometimes looking a little too much to myself.

Knot of my favorite hairband : I think little ties are cute but I reacently red in “ Fantastic Man”  that bow ties are considered as “Hideous” now, too bad…


4 Responses to “Amandla (Un an plus tard)”

  1. I like the glass very much!

  2. Ruth Crean said

    I just discovered your blog through a friend of mine, I really love the work that you do,I’ve been reading it now for over a half an hour.

  3. Rafael Grilo said

    The link, on the picture, doesn’t works. Anyway, you desenvolve a brillant project!!! Congs

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