Karin (Un an plus tard)

April 30, 2011

if you want to see Karin one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Karin’s life,

Fabric doll: The first craft I created when I was 7 or 8 years old. I wasn’t really attracted by fashion when I was young. I prefered to draw and craft all at the same time. We were all the time in the ceiling of my father. It was a huge atelier. Even back then almost everything I made was very small, precise and detailed. When I started with  embroidery my mother actually remarked how she really saw the ressemblance between how I worked as a kid, and now.

Wooden small chair: it’s the last piece of furniture that belonged to a doll house my  grandparents had made for us when we were 5- 6 years old.  It was an amazing house with great details, even curtains, tiny bed-sheets …just beautiful.

Jewels: I only keep the jewels that have a true emotional signification . I would never buy a piece of jewellery just because I like the shape for example. I prefered that they are linked to the one who gave it to me. The necklace I’m wearing in the picture was a supernice present from my grandparents by the way

The miniature cat: I used to have a cat collection when I was young, I threw most of them away actually…, guess you could say I traded them in for a real cat nowadays.

The textile marker: I am a designer. I am mostly passionate by embroidery and I have created a line (scarves, jewels, t-shirts) with hand-embroidered details (see also T-shirtsewing threadembroidery ring …). With the marker I  make neurotic little drawings on garments. I just love making small, superdetailed pieces that require a lot of work, but I think it does show in the end, when you put a lot of love and time into a garment.

The pencils and sewing thread shows that I am attracted by pastel colors at the moment. Not that I am girly, girly but it gives poetry into my creations. With the pencils I make (once again small and detailed 😉 drawings for the Arnhem Fashion Biennale this year amongst other things)

The turtle Pincushion: I received it from my mother who also got it from her mother…a family piece.

Patch box: As my bycicle couldn’t fit I decide to bring the smallest pieces: rubber patches. Something very useful when you love byclicles. I even received a  race bike from my sister last year. I am not a pro with a plastic little outfit but I like to race in Noord, Zandam etc…  I just like to escape the city life once in a while and set my mind free…just biking.

Visit card: simply my brand: http://www.karinwolters.com/

Dyptique perfume box: I like the smell of these perfums. And I love the box!

Picture of my sister and myself: I am on the left .


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