Maite (Un an plus tard)

June 15, 2011

if you want to see Maite one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Maite’s life,

Hair product : It’s not very personal or original but I really need good hair products to avoid having a bird’s nest instead of curls.

Lipstick: Always red lips…my signature in a way 🙂

Perfume: My favourite fragrance at the moment. I have to add “at the moment” because each time I fall in love with a cosmetic product, it’s always going out of market. It’s truly the story of my life concerning these products. This time again, I chose a perfume which isn’t produced anymore. I thus bought 300 ml in advance.

“To kill a Mocking bird” by Harper Lee: I bought it in an English Book Shop in China because I needed to replace the book I finished so I chose this classic. Since then, it’s been one of my favorites. I study literature and I especially love American writers. It’s also a nice edition, I think.

Bowties: I often wear something in my hair, especially bowties and flowers. The red I made out of left over fabric of a dress.

Lace collar: A friend of mine brought it to me from Bruges because according to him my name was written on it. I thought it was the cutest gift. I still need to figure out on which dress I am going to sew it or with what dress I will wear it.

Flower tin: I collect old tin boxes…I have too many!

Owl necklace: It’s not a particularly special necklace but it’s  a special necklace to me. My sister gave it to me in a difficult period in my life because, according to her, owls represent wisdom and I might need that. I love that she gives me jewels or other things that have a symbolic meaning attached to it.

Notebook: Lists of all things I need or need to do…

Ring: It’s an Art Deco ring. I received it from my father and I love it. I was so impressed that my father knows my taste so well.


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