Andrew (United States)

June 27, 2011



Can you tell that this poet is coming from Texas? Such an anti-cliché!



8 Responses to “Andrew (United States)”

  1. Ruth Crean said

    What a striking looking man, I love his guarded smile. Any idea what his tattoo says?
    Those climbing shoes fascinate/creep me out. My friend wear them, and I always end up staring at his feet all day when he wears them.

    • tuinwoman said

      No I don’t know. Maybe he will take the time to tell us. Andrew?
      And indeed for the little story, I Andrew while he was sitting at a table. I only discovered his strange pair of shoes when I took the picture…

  2. Amy said

    What do you mean anti-cliche!?
    I’m from Texas and I’d like to know.

    • tuinwoman said

      I am not from Texas myself. I have only been to Texas when I was young. I just have a representation of Texan persons in my head, that’s all. I am sure it’s a cliché which is far from reality but I was amazed when he told me he was from Texas…

  3. […] which Andrew is photographed by a street photographer in […]

  4. mw1286 said

    He’s one of my good friends, and you’d be surprised how many people like to get freaky weird in Texas.

  5. Andrew Freiman said

    The tattoo symbolizes a ten year bet made with a friend of mine to hold each other accountable for our mistakes, dreams, and accomplishments. We had both noticed how often we made the same mistakes, seemingly refusing to learn from them. One night when very drunk we had a conversation about this and decided we could try and stop it if only we worked together, using the eyes of the other as a more trustworthy gauge. Working off of the American Chautauquas of the early 1900s we founded our own, called the fantastic Fantastic Traveling Chautauqua being that we are rarely in the same place. Long story short, the light bulb is for creativity, the 10 is for the ten years, and then of course there is the name.

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