Aaltje (Un an plus tard)

July 3, 2011

if you want to see Aaltje one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Aaltje’s life,

Miniature of horses :  When I was a little girl, I was a real ‘horse-girl’. I was horse-riding all the time, had posters of horses everywhere, a duvet with horse prints… (Actually while loving them I feared them as well! Apparently, the love was stronger: I rode for eleven years. Sometimes, when I look back at this period, I think of it as a weird obsession.)

Since puberty, this obsession disappeared a little  but now it came back a little. Maybe I am eager to horse-ride again…

Horse knitting:  my boyfriend gave me a knitted animal each month of our first year we were together to celebrate little anniversaries. When we were a couple for one year, he stopped giving them to me.

Scissors : in couture, you use these kind of scissors to cut a small tread very fast. I received it from a friend at school. He had bought a whole bunch in Thailand  and even if we are not the best friends he kindly gave one to everyone in class which is extremely kind + I really like the shape of it.

Iron tread, tools, screws…I love these construction objects.  All of them. I found these one in the storage of my father and I can’t stop collecting them. They are rough, robust but at the same time the shape and design of each item is very light and graceful.

Flower button: it was sewed to the wrap of a present given by my aunt and I immediately fell in love with it (maybe even more than the gift itself). Kind of funny how you can make someone happy with a button.

Miniature sheep: I bought it in Argentina for my boyfriend. We decided to find for each one a souvenir and both of us bought the cheapest thing he could find. I bought this little sheep and he bought quite the same miniature but a goose.

Button: I am obsessed with them…It can modify a whole outfit in no time…they are really part in my design creations.

Nutscaps: I started making these little ‘jewels’ when I was bored.

In general,  I love very small things. They are compact, you can take them with you everywhere. When I was small, I loved being able to put all my favorite objects in a box and taking them with me everywhere. In a way, when something is too big, I have the impression that I can loose control on them. If I keep it small, it’s easier, you can make plenty of them, it’s fast, it’s in the moment…

Silver rose: My grandmother went to Lourdes and gave it to me for my final exams. I am not per se Christian but because it is valuable for her, I cherish it because of that. I see it as a kind of protection from my grandmother.

Ballerina: When I was young I was really girly and during puberty I became more boyish with big jeans and band T-shirts. Nowadays, I start missing the ‘girl inside of me’ so I am not so extreme in being “boyish” but I still love to be feminine and wearing constant man clothes (Note of Tuinwoman: Aaltje is again indeed, wearing these man shoes today cfr the picture one year before). I like this struggle between feminity and masculinity. The ballerina is also the representation of the naivety, innocence of childhood. Certainly at this moment of my life (I am finishing my studies) where you have to enter the real world, I find it important of not losing it.

thread plug: I also like this couture item. Moreover on this one the Queen is on it which is quite cool.


One Response to “Aaltje (Un an plus tard)”

  1. James Winters said

    Amazing photography.

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