Megegan (Un an plus tard)

July 14, 2011

if you want to see Megegan one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Megegan’s life,

“Is dit een men’s”, Primo Levi:
The writer of this book is a Italian jew and this book is about what he experienced in Auschwitz during WWII.
Is dit een mens means ‘is this a human’, and it is about the philosophical question: what is the definition of human beings? I love this book first because it is beautifully written and it inspired me intellectually. Can you still be called a human if your identity is taken away from you, your past, your future, when you lose your right of speak? Can one still be called a human if all of what you are is crushed and you only live because there is the animal intuition of staying alive? And many more questions that keep me daydreaming.

A picture of my passport:
This passport took me to an adventure in Peru and Southeast Asia, my passport represents my freedom.

My diary about Peru and La Comunidad los ninos sagrada de familia:
Last year i went to the biggest ‘childrens place’ of South America. It was a volunteerproject of my old highschool. La Comunidad is the home of almost 800 children, from babitos till twintiers. Senor Miguel started to take children in his home because they didn’t have anywhere else to go to. Something that started from 10 youngsters from his neighboorhood grew to a childrens place with 800 kids coming from all over Peru greeting you with besos, brazas and mucho amore. I think this is a place where you find basics like love, warmth, taking care of each other therefore a very special place.

A necklace with two balls that are made from golden threads:
This necklace is a present from me for my mom. It represents the relationship between us, she’s the big ball and i’m the little one. With all of her warmth, love, strength and also complexity is my mom the right mom for me.

2 rings I bought on Waterlooplein:
I normally dont wear jewelry. Even though i can love some items but jewelry is too much of a hassle for me. But whenever i do want to make an outfit complete i wear these two rings on my left hand.


These earrings are special to me because they were a present I got on my birthday in Laos from a inspiring friend.

“De man die zijn vrouw voor een hoed hield”, Oliver Sacks
This book is different neurological cases put together by the neurologist Oliver Sacks. The stories of the people in this book show how a human life can change in a practical but also in a philosophical way by a simple defect in our brains. I love to read about our brains because it reminds me of how amazingly complex nature is. It is the brains that makes us who we are. It is because of our brains that we can be conscious about life, therefore have desires, be satisfied or dissatisfied and feel everything else. Thus we ARE our brains. And the most amazing thing is that there is so much more to be discovered about this amazing machine of nature.

“The curious incident of a dog in the night-time”, Mark Haddon:
Mark Haddon takes readers into the life of a autistic boy who is trying to discover who killed his neighbours dog.
The boys view on life is very simple and logic. He doesn’t act because of values, morals and feelings of right and wrong, he act because all what he does is the outcome of logical conclusions.
It makes me wander how human life would be if the majority was autistic, and the handicapped would be ‘normal’ people.

My notebook while I was travelling through Southeast Asia:This little thing was my friend when I needed to clear my head. In this book I wrote  about special people, beautiful places, my dreams, thoughts etc. And whenever I want to swim in that travelmood again, I read in this book and a big grin appears on my face.

A analog camera that had seen Asia 10years ago:I got this camera from a very nice guy. He had taken this camera to Southeast Asia 10 years ago, and now it was my turn to take it on a trip. I’m excited about the outcome!

My glasses:Whenever I’m in chillmode (and I don’t have a sweaty nose) I put on these.  Imagine a world without the invention of eyeglasses!



2 Responses to “Megegan (Un an plus tard)”

  1. […] Megegan: Un an plus tard. What a beautiful woman. And I’m so very interested in the things that she happens to be carrying around with her. (Au coin de ma rue) […]

  2. Gretchen said

    I have the English version of that Oliver Sacks book and it is magnificent!
    These always fascinate me.

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