Nataliia (Ukraine)

July 25, 2011

I am so out of time since I am a mother (I asked Alain Clark to pose without knowing he was a singer, Sophie Vlaming that she was a topmodel, a man screamed at me once “You have no idea who I am?!!!!”….) So now, sometimes, I am hesitating approaching someone because I have the impression he/she might be famous. Well with Nataliia, I had this same feeling. Fortunately she was just visiting Amsterdam. Don’t you also feel she has this artist-aura around her?


4 Responses to “Nataliia (Ukraine)”

  1. Vasyl said

    no, she didn’t…She’s just like the girl next door…She’s just like an ordinary girl. Sometimes you have to walk through Kreschatik in Kyiv and you’ll see a world of pure imagination.

  2. One day, those famous people will be just wishing someone will remember them…..

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