Emiel (Un an plus tard)

October 11, 2011

if you want to see Emiel one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Emiel’s life,

Little pants : from my 6 month old daughter Dahl. It was her first pants and thanks to the magic of some piece of clothes, she is still wearing it now. She was floating in it when she was 1 month, now her two legs grew out completely.

Rabbit plush : My mother makes them and I find them adorable. So many people asked her to sell them but she has always refused. She makes them only for persons she knows.

Miniature shoe : I bought it in London for my girlfriend as a Joke. Juultje is a shoe designer and we have spent one year and a half over there when she was studying.

“Emiel and the detectives” : Simply a children’s book with my name on it J

The Christ : 1 years ago, my girlfriend was just two months pregnant, we were in Asisi and I wanted to find a (crappy) souvenir. I was in a store full of crosses, all the same and couldn’t make up my mind…I choose the most ugly of all.

Tattoos: I am a tattoo artist at www.admiraaltattoo.com I love this place because we get real people with real requests. Not only tourists who wants 3 black crosses (the logo from Amsterdam) or Chinese signs. I learned it during my studies at  ‘Kunst Academy’ and practised on pig’ skin or on (very brave) friends.

Spoon and bottle opener : I love cooking and I give way too much money in kitchenware.

The last purchase : The « Silver Spoon » receipt book. I love it ! The wine goes simply well with cooking.

Lost Bear+ www.lostbear.nl CD from my Brother. He is the singer. It’s a mix between 90’s/Indie music. I am so proud of him!

Cream tube : Can’t stop using it as my skin developed psoriasis. That’s actually why I am always wearing a hat on my head. My legs and head are full of it. I have tried everything but unfortunately there is nothing much to do. This cream doesn’t prevent but helps for the crisis.

The Royal Tenenbaums : My favourite film and director. I am also directing video clips: www.100procenthalal.nl/


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