Bruna (Un an plus tard)

October 28, 2011

if you want to see Bruna one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Bruna’s life,

My horse riding trophy: This is the first trophy I’ve ever won back in the year 1999. I was the youngest rider in the competition at the age of  7 years old.

Nail polishes: I bite my nails.. which is a horrible and bad habit. Yet I still love buying gorgeous colors.. at least my toe nails look good.

Lebanese flag: Referring back to my ethnicity

Student university card: Loving the memories I had and the experiences I gained when I was living and studying in England.

ID card: Funny how different I looked a couple of years ago.

Hair curling iron: Even though I already got wavy/curly hair of my own, I just like to give it a boost sometimes since it can get a bit frizzy. My mother had my hair cut really short when I was younger, just like a boy for about 6 times (which I hated!!) for it to grow back stronger/healthy and resulting to what I have now.

Black boot: My favorite pair of shoes I own. Most of my shoes are flat since I can’t walk properly on heels, and really don’t like any that don’t have a heel of at least +10cm.

Rosary: To represent my religious view, Roman-Catholic.

Spoons: My mother got these a long time ago as a souvenir when we visited London, I wasn’t blown away by the city. But now I absolutely adore the UK and fly over often, (going again in a few days) also because my boyfriend lives in England.

Lip Balms: Rosebud has the best balms for your lips ever, shame I can’t open them anymore, it’s stuck!

Tanning grease: Yes, I know it’s really bad for your skin, but don’t worry I’ve been using sun cream factor 50+ for as long as I can remember. Although when I do use some tanning enhancers it seems that no matter what I rub on me I hardly ever get a proper tan!

Eyelash curler: They make my eyelashes look long and eyes bigger. And usually when I look at another person, the first thing I notice are the eyes.

The little 3 cards: These were attached to my “me to you” teddy bear that I got for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. My first valentine ever!


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