Cedric (Un an plus tard)

November 29, 2011

if you want to see Cedric one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Cedric’s life,

DVD DodgeBall: What makes this film so personal is that i’m the only person I know
who actually likes this movie. In fact I love it so much that it’s in my top5 all-time favorites. (There, I said it!)

Tao Te Ching: “The book that doesn’t let itself be described.” so i won’t even try. It taught me about harmony.

Baseball Glove: I used to be a baseball player when i was a kid. I put a lot of effort
in it until i got injured when i was 17. I never played ever since. This is a very very very sad story.

Karate-belt: My new love: Karate! Like the tao te chin it’s all about peace&harmony

DVD Planet Earth:  I love watching wildlife documentaries on a lazy sunday. To me Planet
Earth stands out from the rest because of the way they portray human-like emotions on animals…  Love, pride, intrigues, hate,
shame… it’s all there. David Attenborough at his best.

Styling gel: In my lifetime i’v tried lots and lots of different hairproducts, but I always end up using this one. It’s sticky, yellow and it smells like
teenage disco… but it’s the only product that’s strong enough to control my hair all day.

Coffee: Coffee is cool

Letters: H100: I drive a ’96 Hyundai H100. I addopted him one when he was 12, but he
feels like one of my own. We’ve been through a lot together.

Book: “the boy who looks like Lincoln”: It’s about a boy that looks just like Abraham Lincoln. Schoolmates
make fun of him all the time.  They let him play Lincoln in every schoolplay… even when Lincoln wasn’t in that play. It made him very
sad. In the end his parents decide to take him to a summercamp for “kids who look like something” and things turn out quiet right. I
laughed my butt off when I read this book. A must read for people who have often been confused with someone or something else!


3 Responses to “Cedric (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Kai said

    your photos always makes me wish that I lived in the Netherlands.. not that i needed much motivation

  2. Nilufer said

    Cela fait un moment que je suis toutes ces personnes que tu as photographiées
    et c’est drôle,
    je préfère toujours les voir 1 année avant.
    Comme si avec l’âge, elles perdaient de leur naturel…
    ou comme si une part de leur sensibilité, de leur fragilité s’envolait…

    J’aime beaucoup ton approche
    et adore venir découvrir toutes ces âmes qui peuplent les coins de rue 🙂
    Merci !

    • tuinwoman said

      C’est très possible, en effet mais je crois que c’est plus ma faute. la deuxième année, j’ai plus de temps de les faire poser car je les recontacte. Dans la rue, la première année, je n’ai que 3 min pour faire la photo. finalement, ne pas avoir du temps rend les choses parfois plus spontanées et avoir trop de temps complique les choses. Pourtant les connaître mieux, me permet, je crois de mieux capter leur regard…enfin j’espère que tu aimes quand même que je les suive d’années en années…parce qu’en janvier la 3eme année va arriver. Hope you like it.
      Merci pour ton commentaire!

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