Shama (Un an plus tard)

December 21, 2011

if you want to see Shama one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Shama’s life,

Headphones : These are the most important ! It’s the only way I find myself to be completely in the moment. They are always with me ! I would never go outside of my house without them. I listen to everything except pop music…I like the classics such as Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Riche Havens…

Flowers: I love flowers. I love all of them…natural ones, artificial ones they all end up in my hair.

Rabbit bone: my boyfriend and I went to the Amsterdam’s forest and we found this bone. We are like small children and love to find strange things. We always try to make a story with these findings. Everything is new for us…we are just like curious little children.

Hart: it’s maybe cliché but love is extremely important for me. We are using the materialistic love instead of true and passionate love.  Love and knowledge are the most important things, in my opinion.

Piercings: a lot of my friends are begging to stop with the piercings but I really like it. Especialy these microdermals. When you take them out, you don’t see anything anymore. It’s unnecessary but I like to see how my body changes with it. I won’t continue though.

Box of pencils: it is more as a metaphore for “the arts”. I love to draw and when I was little I couldn’t stop drawing dresses. I thought I was going to be a designer.

Pills: part of my life, always try to be far from them, although I need them.

Book: If you are an Indian woman and can’t dance…I would love to learn dancing so I could teach children. Dancing show (out) feelings.

Note book: I have it for years and I will try to keep it for as long as possible. It’s very strange but each time I am finishing a notebook I am throwing it away. In a few weeks I am going  to write a lot in it because I am going for the first time to India since I got adopted. A few years ago, as I didn’t get along with my adopted parents, my father suggested me to go visit the country with them but I refused because I thought they would leave me there…now is the time to return to see what a wonderful country I am coming from andnwrite about it. Also I thank everyone that I crossed in my life till nowadays.

Ring: I received this ring from my boyfriend. I´s simple, romantic and full of love. This is maybe the only material object that he has given me in token of his love for me (it´s very normal to give gifts to your girl/boy friends…)

Box with eyes: the wife of my boyfriend’s father makes these kind of boxes and she gave me this one. … She is really non- stop woman and always inspiring you for develop yourself. I think this box it´s an original idea. Watch out!! someone is looking at you!!

Glassbottle: I love bottles..;all sort of bottles: for cooking, weed…

Little lollipop: my boyfriend and I love sweets. Each time I am going to Spain, I am bringing so much back from there. The candies are extremely different from here and much more tasty!

Pirate skulls: We love all kind of skulls. My room is full of it. Not especially tragic and scary ones but more the childish representations. My boyfriend introduce me to the happy-death animation, which makes you think about the death not so in the negative way.


2 Responses to “Shama (Un an plus tard)”

  1. Alexia said

    How do you keep finding such fantastically unique people?!

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