Pepe (Germany)

January 4, 2012

Teaser of this year “Two years later project”… To be continued.

Pepe was wearing a lot of colors actually, but he really gave me the impression that he ran away from a Rembrandt’s painting…just perfect.

I am not good at sending wishes (In these time of the year, I just have a very protective feeling towards the ones I care for and I tend to close myself) But (cause there is one), I just hope, in 2012 that the world will stop being so scared from the unknown (literally and figuratively). There is so much to embrace if you do leave fear away.

(personal note for pepe: your email you gave me isn’t working. please contact me:


4 Responses to “Pepe (Germany)”

  1. Ariane said

    waaaaw. mon j’y vois a ^personnal birthday sign!

  2. anji said

    thats bloody brilliant!!
    Ofcourse his clothes are superb. But i love his boots and the touch of eyeliner

    • tuinwoman said

      oohh thank you!!!! I was still hesitating for the B/W.Glad you like it. I will continue the project face/legs in color but the third year project will be in B/W. And yes he is just perfect! His girlfriend, you also had the impression she got out of a vintage clidren’s book but she refused to pose. Too bad.

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