Anne-Rixt (Un an plus tard)

January 12, 2012

if you want to see Anne-Rixt one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Anne-Rixt’s life,

Earings : it’s a hippie who has created it for me in Brazil. It’s made from vertebrates of snakes, fishribs, thorns of a pig…I like it! it looks a little like a  drum. I am not really wearing it because it’s too hippie for me. Over there is great but here less.

Sneakers: This is the most expensive shoes I ever bought (their original price was 800 eur! I got them for 600). It’s was my favourite designer at the time: Rick Owens. Now I am not too found of his new collections anymore. When I got them I was so thrilled!!! I had save money for so long!!! Now it’s already 3 years ago I got them and I am still wearing them all the time. I will wear them until they are dead!

Teddybear: My teddybear knows everything about me since I am 2. He has met all the guys I had sex with, all my exes…He is really my best friend. I can tell him everything and he doesn’t repeat anything to anyone else. I sleep like a baby thanks to him! A true friend. He unfortunately hasn’t been to Brazil yet to meet my boyfriend.

Here, he is represented on the picture but I also have a tattoo of him on my body (almost the same size as the one in real).

Pencils = drawing. If there is one think I can do in my life it’s this. I was born with a pencil in my hands. I am never bored. At the moment, I am trying out a new style: the way children are drawing (for example to draw a strange rectangle and it represents an elephant). The children are still able to imagine plenty of things made from nothing . When you grow up, you start having new references and your eyes gets influenced by these things. I would like to go back to the roots of creation of children. I can draw pretty much everything with precision but it doesn’t tell anything anymore. I am not there yet but I will.

Cactus: My first tattoo was actually a cactus. I love them. They are surviving everything and they can live with anything also. I hope one day I will become like that. Far away from materialism.

Playmobile: It’s a pirate playmobile because I, also, am a pirate. I love gold!

I love everything that has to do with gold but damn it’s so expensive. Each year, at Christmas, I ask my parents for a tacky golden necklace with my name on it but I have 9 letters so it’s way too expensive and my parents refuse each year since I am 16.

My nep tools: (Hairpiece and whimpers): each weekend I am going out and these two are crucial! Always dreamed having long hair/long whimpers but I never reach that point and the pencil for my eyebrows is also verrrry important. Sometimes I draw them in red, blue… and I decide each day if I draw the shape up or down.

Perfume: “Angel”: I receive it each year from my parents but I never bought it myself because I find it way too expensive.

Earplugs: without them, I simply can’t sleep.

Wood piece: I met my boyfriend on the most romantic spot! An island in Brazil called Jericoacoara. He lived there on the beach with nothing at all. I, of course, found it exhilarating and interesting and thus at one point we started talking to each other. As two creative people, I started making some little drawings with the correct English word under it to improve his English. To thank me he made this little sculpture. To remind me that we used to sleep, have sex and watch the stars in that hammock.

Boxring:  A boyfriend from the far past, was on tour with his ‘grindcore’ band in Eastern Europe and brought me this boxring from Czech Republic.  You can buy these things over there but here in the Netherlands they are strictly forbidden. They are considered as killing weapons. I found it quite touching in a way. He had even attached a metal chain and craved with golden letters the quote “True Love Never Dies ». Actually, ours did.

My golden Teeth : Since I am 15 (even before my attraction for Gangsterboys), I always wanted to have a golden teeth. But I couldn’t do that to my parents so I remained patient.

When I was 20, I travelled through Amazonia and I stayed with a Indian tribe for a few days. It was amazing. I could even meet the master of the village. Moreover, All women were wearing 2 silver teeth.

When I heard that the maire from the tribe was not wearing silver but golden teeth, I took it as a sign. I had waited long enough and it was the perfect place to do it. After long hours of suffering the golden prosthesis was placed but unfortunately the next day, when eating a potato, the teeth fell. When I got back to Holland, I went to a Suriname dentist to put it back. At least, Thanks to his origins, I was still close to the traditions…


6 Responses to “Anne-Rixt (Un an plus tard)”

  1. I could view your work for hours – brilliant!

  2. Gaston said

    …proud father!

  3. Nickie said

    when are you going to post the text ? I am so eager to know more about her. How captivating she is.

    great work!

    • tuinwoman said

      She is indeed extremely captivating…a raw diamant!
      For rare things, patience is needed!
      I will post it tonight I hope.

  4. idowhatiwantthor said

    Man, I fall a little bit in love with these people whenever I see their ‘year later’s. Something a bit magical happens here tuinwoman.

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