Franek (Un an plus tard)

February 1, 2012

if you want to see franek one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Franek’s life,

A coffee machine and a coffee glass: I drink coffee everyday, black, no milk. therefore this is perhaps the most important tandem of my everyday life. I love the ritual of preparing the coffee in this machine (I like small rituals in general) and I love the shape and size of this glass. I used to have another machine, but I gave it to my friend. during her farewell night in Birmingham she told me that she loves coffee too, but does not have one and so she drinks the instant substitute instead. Next morning I bought some coffee in the corner shop, put it into a box together with the machine and went to her house. The door to the vestibule was open, so really quickly (and very quietly) I left the box there. Now it must be in a flat somewhere between Paris and Nanterre. I hope it serves its purpose well.

A postcard from my sister: the reverse side depicts St. Francis of Assisi, whom I am named after. On this painting he preaches to birds, which used to be his habit. However, I prefer this side, with the colorful words from my sister, Ola, the person dearest to me in the entire world:’4.05.2010 4:01 pm. Komba (one of Ola’s monickers) in Assisi! i have prayed to F. in your intention. This is a good-luck postcard! This is where we lay with Julia! (you can see the shapes of the square printed on the postcard and the arrow pointing to place, where they have been photographed lying on the ground)’

Hannah Arendt: my beloved thinker and my great inspiration. The queen of insight and understanding. The Human Condition is a book written to answer one simple question: ‘What are we doing?’ Arendt has been with me throughout my undergraduate studies, she is with me now, and I guess she always will be.

Nieznośna lekkość bytu / The Unbearable Lightness of Being: this is one of the few books I read once a year, on special occasions. A pocket size edition from 1985 with a tiny, black print. When I meet people, I ask them about their favourite book and in return I always recommend this one.

My notebook: I found it while tidying up the basement at home. Brown hardcover, with a red string, fairly thick. To note down impression, quotes and ideas: to avoid forgetting. only capital letters (my cursive handwriting is simply ugly).

A black pen: I like to write with black ink so I always have one. Preferably an orange bic.

The void void void void train ticket: once i was sad and blue, returning to the grim Birmingham’s reality after a trip to see my friends. This is how the ticket machine on the New Street train station has greeted me, as if it were able to read my mind: “void void void void”.

Photo of Josip Brodsky: I got it from my dad, who found it in a newspaper. Brodsky, the language wizard, an exceptional essayist (widely known as a poet though), here reading a book. I love the way he looks, prophetic, but with a dose of eccentricity. wherever I live, he observes me from the wall.

A cotton bag: i need a bag to carry my things so one day i made this one, borrowing the shape from Kate Moss and the quote from Nabokov. to see other works, visit:

And eventhough it is missing on the photo, music is indeed a vital part of my life.

Please visit our music blog :


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