Joscha (Un an plus tard)

March 2, 2012

if you want to see Joscha one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Joscha’s life,

Hat.I simply love hats and wear them a lot.  There are no bad hair days if you own a hat.


Bullet shell. I’m a pacifist from the bottom of my heart.  But on my very first trip to the U.S. a group of American friends (all of them peace loving vegeterians btw.) took me camping in the desert and shooting guns at beer cans. At first I refused to even touch a gun and almost cried once I did. Then I started shooting and absolutely loved it. I’m still against guns and convinced they exist for all the wrong reasons but I was amazed and shocked at the same time how much fun I ended up having.. The whole trip was a big adventure and gun shooting was a part of it.

Perfume. I’m pretty smell sensitive. Bad smells can make me gag in no time and I can not stand being around people that wear obtrusive perfume no matter how nice of a person they are.  A smell can become your trademark but should never cover your natural body fragrance. This is one of my favorite perfumes. Its subtle and classic and I have not met another girl yet who wears it, so that’s a plus 😉

Lipstick.Red Chanel lipstick, needs no further explanation: simply a classic.

Shoes. I’m a cliché woman when it comes to shoes. I got these beautiful Louboutins for my b-day from my boyfriend. I don’t wear high heels all the time but I love how they work like putting on a uniform. The minute you put them on you instantly feel very female and sexy .

Bull skull necklace I love this necklace so much for severaI reasons: I love all sorts of skulls, I’m into the whole desert and native American esthetic and turquoise is my favorite stone. Best of all is that my boyfriend knows all that and had this piece custom made for me by this great jewelry artist. It has our initials engraved on the backside, and yes: with a heart and an arrow, duh! I’m one lucky girl!

Microphone Growing up with musicians as parents, music has always been important in my life. I love singing, for me it’s a great valve to release pressure. But I’m also über critical with myself and often not happy enough with the results. I used to sing in different bands back in Germany but haven’t really done much with my voice since I moved to Amsterdam. I miss it a lot and will have to change that soon. Until that time I use this recording device to record myself, listen to it, then frown a lot and try to improve.

Mexican skull I have a weird obsession with death. Don’t get me wrong: not in a suicidal way or anything, but it simply fascinates me in a curious, dark romantic and also scientific way. The skull obviously stands symbol for it. This one I got in Mexico where death seems to be embraced a lot more as an important part of life than it does over here.

Pile of stones I took these stones with me from a hidden ‘beach’ by the Rogue river somewhere on the border between northern California and Oregon. Nature around there is so insanely beautiful, the sun was shining, the river was wild and deep green and it was just one of those moments where you are genuinely happy and simply don’t want to change a single thing. I keep this little stone pile on my night table next to the bed so I can take myself back to that moment every time I look at it.

Mask My mother is a musician and actress. I spent a lot of time of my childhood in theaters and still love the atmosphere of them. I got this mask in New York at a crazy good play I saw there called ‘Sleep no more’. Everyone in the audience had to wear one. It’s kind of hard to explain why, you just HAVE TO go see it if you get the chance to.

Book My mom started to write this little diary for me when she was 7 months pregnant with me.  She was only 21 years old and talking about how happy she is feeling and what she expects from the future. 2 years later my parents separated and many things took very different turns. I love taking a peek into that moment and enjoy this sweet, pure, honest and naïve documentation of a time in the life of a woman that is so important to me and who when she wrote it was 10 years (!) younger than I am now.


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