Dido (Deux ans plus tard)

March 26, 2012

if you want to see Dido one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to see Dido two years earlier, click on the “Un an plus tard” picture.

If you want to know more about the friendship between Dido and Lauren,

1. For how many years do you know each other?
Dido: About seven years, we met in elementary school when I was twelve. I can’t remember exactly how we met but I think it had something to do with our parents knowing each other ahd Pokemon games.
Lauren: For 7 or 8 years, I think.

2. Memorable giggle between you two?
Dido: Uh.. dear we had so many, I think our most famous ongoing joke is us being married. It’s an odd story though.
Lauren: We laughed really hard about Count Count, but censored.

3. Memorable fight between you two if there is one?
Dido: We actually don’t fight much. We do sometimes debate about philosophy or politics, but I don’t really remember us every getting into a fight.
Maybe that one time we played a video game all night long and both were pretty cranky, but I blame that on not enough sleep.
Lauren: I don’t think there is one. We can get a bit on each others’ nerves when we’re playing video games, though, but it’s not really fighting.

4. Best souvenir/moment spend together?
Dido: I think the best moments we have are usually in summer..
My first and one of our best moments was still in elementary school, it too was in summer, it was a hawaii themed party and we were pretty bored and so we played pokemon all afternoon long.
We still usually try to finish video games in Summer.
But I also like the times we made up stories and fantasized about a world of our own.. I really can’t chose what I’d describe as our most memorable moment.
Lauren: This is really hard! I want to say nearly every moment… but if I have to pick something specific, there was this one time when I could stay over at her place, instead of going to the beach… I don’t like the beach very much, so I was happy with that!

5. What would you never do with her?
Dido: I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t.
Lauren: I don’t think I’d ever buy make-up with Dido, especially since I don’t like wearing make-up.

6. Which is her flaw you prefer?
Dido: She used to be a bit rude, but I like it, she’s very honest.
We’re a bit ‘different’ but since we’re both like that I guess it doesn’t really count as her flaw.
Lauren: She can be persistent, not sure if it’s a flaw, but I think it’s amusing (and can come in useful)

7. please transcript the last sms or email or facebook message she has send you?
Lauren: Hey Dido! Are in for playing me3 Multiplayer with Chris, Ande and me?
Dido: Sorry my reaction is a bit late, can I still join?
Lauren: Sure!
Dido: Okay, can you invite me?
Lauren: It says you’re offline
Dido: Uhm, I’m totally online
Lauren: Chris can’t see you either
Dido: Chris isn’t in my friendlist… Restarting origin, just a sec. Hah!
8. Name of a place you like to hang out together?
Dido: Mostly at home our in our neighborhood.
Lauren: The KNSM laan…we like going for walks. A lot.


2 Responses to “Dido (Deux ans plus tard)”

  1. Lauren said

    Ahh it turned out lovely!! 😀 And it’s great to see Dido’s answers too hahaha

  2. sophie said

    Try World of Warcarft really nice as well 🙂

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