Olga (Un an plus tard)

April 20, 2012

Imageif you want to see Olga one year earlier, click on the picture.
if you want to sneak a peak into Olga’s life,

Book “”Fela (- ‘This Bitch Of A Life’)”: I am interested in this book because of the Nigerian musician from the 70’s ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’. He is the one who composed the ‘Afrobeat’ genre. I adore this book not only because this music is really part of me, my hart and my soul but also because the person itself is really intriguing.

Plant: this little branch represent my love for nature. I enjoy nature a lot and I really believe in energies. When I am looking to everything which is biological, I am really grateful for what nature is offering me.

Chain: I only feel good when I am dressed the way I want. First I am choosing a color that fits my mood then it can turn into various looks which mostly have an ethnical 80’s or 90’s touch.
Pretty much each day I am wearing plenty of chains and scarfs in my hair.

Gula Djawa (Palm Sugar) en Kemiri Nuts: Two indonesian ingredients. I like to cook various dishes so I try to learn receipe from different countries. From Greece to Indonesian and Surinamese. Therefore, in order to do it as it should, I am often using ingredients that not many people know.

Incense: At home I like to create an optimal atmosphere and Incense gives this special touch.

Wooden Elephants: Wood represents again my affection for nature. And The olifant my affinity with Africa, which I think started with music. My father was a musician and played different kind of instruments such as saxofoon and flute. Moreover he played mostly funk/jazz so that’s what I was hearing all the time at home. Nowadays, when I hear african rhrythms (that are present in so many sorts of music) I get a recognizable and familiar feeling; as if “I am home”. From this initial interest, arised new  ones linked to this continent. That’s the only explanation I have for this tenderness I developped for Africa…The rest is pure intuitivity.

Feathers and Branches: Again to express my fusion with nature. When I see them on the street, I can’t resist taking them with me.

Cat: An egyptian statue (Goddess in the shape a cat: Bastet). Cats in ancient Egypt symbolized clairvoyance, mystery and transformation but above all they were lucky animals. I am also known as “the crazy-catlady” because I’m crazy about cats.

Posca-marker, Ara Paint en Fineliner: represents the fact that I am an artist. I am a painter and illustrator and make portraits but also (in combination with realistic, abstract and impressionist) colored atmosphere paintings with women figures and ethnic patterns. I would love to develop new techniques such as woodcarving but for now these are the utensils I am using the most.

Candle: It’s also (such as the incense) a big part of the atmsophere of my house. When I am alone or with friends, my candles are always lit.

Book: “The invention of Humanity”: is my favorite book. It gives a brief worldhistory about the vieuws on equity that overpass cultural  and civilizations borders. I would love to be self taught in many disciplines and also in Anthropology as I find the way that people live and think amazingly interesting. Therefore this book offers a lot of information to increase my knowledge.

Perfume: This special perfume with spicy elements, adds something personal to my appearance and it makes me feel good. Fragrances are very strong stimulators for moods, and so it enhances my everyday life.

Want to know more? Visit my website http://olnuzola.com


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