Marie Mart (Deux ans plus tard)

June 19, 2012


if you want to see Marie Mart one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to see Marie Mart two years earlier, click on the “Un an plus tard” picture.

If you want to know more about the friendship between Marie Mart and Laurens,

1. For how many years do you know each other?
Marie Mart: We’ve known each other since we both started studying art history. About 5 years ago.
Laurens: Almost five years now. We met each other at the introduction for first year students of Art History in September 2007.

2. Memorable giggle between you two?
Marie Mart: During the legendary course: ‘culture and society’ which bore us to a very slow death, we decided to fool the most eager student of the class. We’d found two copies of a book called ‘ Het Epos van de God-Mens’, an extremely bad written religious book, which was printed in the sixties, looked brand new and even contained the original ordering form. We asked him if he had already bought the required literature. We showed him our copies and he immediately wrote down the title. I offered him the ordering form, which he gladly took. We can still burst out laughing from the thought of the poor guy sending out the vintage ordering form. Who knows what they sent him back…
Laurens: During summer holidays we went camping on Vlieland with a mini tent we´d put up in a gully in the dunes near the sea. It might have been the smallest tent on the island. We called it ‘The Mansion’ to make it a sound fabulous.

3. Memorable fight between you two if there is one?
Marie Mart: We are both incredibly polite people so I can’t recall us ever having a fight. We’ve decided to live together so perhaps that is when the fights will start.
Laurens: I do not remember if any. It´s probable we´ve had some confusion about something. It think we talked about it sooner or later and laughed at ourselves.

4. Best souvenir/moment spend together?
Marie Mart: Three years ago we went camping in Vlieland. We pretended to be a plain couple called Marian and Peter who only wore ‘sports clothes’ and slept in a cripple tent called ‘the mansion’. It rained the entire week. But inspite of that, every night we would nearly choke of laughter. And we can still laugh whenever we recall our memories of ‘the Mansion’.
Laurens: Playing croquet in the fields of Kent. Last summer we made a road trip through England and we gave ourselves to become part of the scenery.

5. What would you never do with her?
Marie Mart: Go to a sauna. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. We tend to approach each other more as great minds or soul mates perhaps… but bodily things… no that’s definitely not us!
Laurens: Make babies or more casually to ride on a Vespa. Both highly unlikely!

6. Which is her flaw you prefer?
Marie Mart: His flawlessness 😉 He always seems to transform into the ideal friend.  You could perhaps wonder whether he hides himself behind this politeness? In general, Dutch people tend to be more direct. However, I love his manors – they make me feel safe.
Laurens: This is a hard question. I do not linger on flaws if any so I honestly cannot tell.

7. please transcript the last sms or email or facebook message she has send you?
Marie Mart: “leuk, leuk! trek ik mijn oude kloffie aan  ik hoop dat er geschilderd moet worden, want dat pleziert het meest”
Laurens:  “Lekkers
hij heeft het wel in huis
moest van mezelf
maar goed kees (Frits kan helaas niet langer)
ik ben nog ff aan het werk
vanavond banjo les”

8. Name of a place you like to hang out together?
Marie Mart: We prefer ‘homes’ to bars. We both enjoy biological products without having to spend a fortune and like listening to audiobooks. Eating and drinking at home serves all our wishes best.
Laurens: In our bedrooms and the Westerpark.


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