Anne-Rixt (deux ans plus tard)

May 20, 2013

3.8.Anne-Rixt Fin 2

if you want to see Anne-Rixt one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to see Anne-Rixt two years earlier, click on the “Un an plus tard”picture.

If you want to know more about the friendship between Anne-Rixt and  Amandla,

1. For how many years do you know each other?

Anne-Rixt: I think for four years now, but it feels like way longer..

2. Memorable giggle between you two?

Anne-Rixt: These typical names; we always call eachother ‘Chantal’, ‘Befferley’ and some names I can’t mention.

3. Memorable fight between you two if there is one?

Anne-Rixt: It is verry dificult to have a fight with Amandla, because she is simply to sweet.
Besides that, we can talk about everything very easily, if I or she disagrees, we just say so.
If there is going to be a fight once, it is probibly my responsability; I am the dominant one.

4. Best souvenir/moment spend together?

Anne-Rixt: Most of them wear early in the morning, we used to party a lot together and
there wore some nice ‘after-party’s’.
There was also these day’s were we used to work in the same shop, and we both felt asleep or had to pugh.

5. What would you never do with her?

Anne-Rixt: Adventures travel.. I like traveling a lot, so far I always did it on my own.
I think I am to conceited to do this with a sweetheart like Amandla.
Besides, I think it is not really her interest, to realy dive into other cultures.
We should do a chill/warm/arty/party holliday once..

6. Which is his flaw you prefer?

Anne-Rixt: Her little panic attacks. She will make noises like a hamster on acid.

7. please transcript the last sms or email or facebook message he has send you?

Anne-Rixt: sms: “Foxy !!”

8. Name of a place you like to hang out together?

Anne-Rixt: TROUW for sure, we had our best/clasical times over there.
We don’t go here so often but we realy like ‘Latei’ near Nieuwmarkt.


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