Olga (deux ans plus tard)

January 14, 2014

Olga B

if you want to see Olga one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to see Olga two years earlier, click on the “Un an plus tard”picture.

If you want to know more about the friendship Olga and Philmon,

1. For how many years do you know each other?
Olga: Since 2007, so for 6 years now.
Philmon: between 5 and 6 years
2. Memorable giggle between you two?
Olga: Rooolliin!
Philmon: giggle between us is how we met eachother
and how we still r friends
3. Memorable fight between you two if there is one?
Olga: There isn’t one.
Philmon: we dont fight only disagree
4. Best souvenir/moment spend together?
Olga: Can’t think of one specific moment. Maybe helping each other to get home/bed when one of us is too drunk always too funny, most of the times it’s him who I help, but last time it was the other way around hahah. And when he told me he loves me and I told him I love him too means a lot to me.
Philmon: best moment spend together is the summer of 2007 i believe
5. What would you never do with him?
Olga: Share chicken, he doesn’t eat meat.
Philmon: i would never hurt her in anyway
6. Which is his flaw you prefer?
Olga: He just sleeps anywhere whenever he feel like it, no matter if there’s a party going on around him hahah.
Philmon: hmmmshe dont got no flaws as far as i know
7. please transcript the last sms or email or facebook message he has send you?
Olga: “Dag lekker ding sorry nog van gister en vandaag is t koud en nat k blijf binnen maybe tommow ja?love”
Philmon: Barbara (van de shoot..) wacht nog steeds op jouw antwoorden van de vragenlijst
8. Name of a place you like to hang out together?
Olga: anywhere where it is warm!
Philmon: in the open sun and nature.


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