Joscha (deux ans plus tard)

April 28, 2014

Joscha 2YL

if you want to see Joscha one year earlier, click on the picture.

if you want to see Joscha two years earlier, click on the “Un an plus tard” picture.

If you want to know more about the friendship between Joscha and her mother,

1. For how many years do you know each other?

Joscha’s mum: We’ve known each other for 33,5 years.. plus 9 months in the belly i guess…

2. Memorable giggle between you two?
Joscha’s mum:  So many memorable giggles. One of the most recent was in a restaurant being served by the slowest waiter in the world. We only ordered two drinks and he wrote them both down, spelling them out loud. Typical ‘you had to be there’ situation but we were crying tears from laughter. That happens a lot, mostly in situations where laughing is more than inappropriate.

3. Memorable fight between you two if there is one?
Joscha’s mum: No real fights. Especially no memorable ones. But some special situations, like us both standing in front of a mirror. She aged 13 and I 34. She’s comparing our looks and tells me after a while of critical viewing: “Ok, you’re looking good for your age,  but I’m younger.” Puberty was a bit challenging. Lots of door slamming and eye rolling but over all nothing major.

4. Best souvenir/moment spend together?
Joscha’s mum: We’ve shared 1000s of best moments. We try to take a little trip together every year, either to cities, islands or just a spa weekend. Many great moments and memories there. One of my favorite was a horseback ride by the ocean in Tunisia.

5. What would you never do with her?
Joscha’s mum: A boat trip around the world! We both get sea sick just by looking at boats…

6. Which is her flaw you prefer?
Joscha’s mum:  She drags me on endless shopping tours trying to get nice clothes for me. I eventually buy stuff and end up never wearing it. She means well but I hate shopping and dont care too much for fashion…

7. please transcript the last sms or email or facebook message she has send you?
Joscha’s mum: It’s the request to answer these 8 questions, other than that 90% of our text conversations are “time to skype?”, “got my mail?” or her sending me pictures of little Oscar and me replying with a ton of happy emoticons.

8. Name of a place you like to hang out together?

Joscha’s mum: A wellness resort. Just to spend time together relaxing and talking, having nice food and enjoying life.


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