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    Love this photo and would love to feature it on my site of you are interested.


  2. Renske said

    Dear Tuinwoman, why has Tuinman never mentioned this wonderful project to me? It is very sweet and impressive.
    A big kiss for all of you, Renske

  3. Shane Grace Allen said

    This is my dream man!!!!

  4. esteban sànchez said

    no need to do ig things, to have a great heart.
    i loved you work

    from colombia, southamerica

  5. esteban sànchez said

    no need to do big things, to have a great heart.
    i loved you work

    from colombia, southamerica

  6. Tom said

    I’ve made you guys a wallpaper! 😀 Checkit

  7. Nic said

    I really like your photos, and the people you capture but damn! if the shot without the head isn’t the most frustrating thing ever! The blog looks great with head and body shot, but then I want to see the whole person put together!

  8. Rejean Ouellet said

    Les photos sont prises dans différent pays, endroits, vous voyagez donc? Vous avez le temps pour faire ça?

    • tuinwoman said

      Non non! J’aimerais bien mais non j’ai décidé depuis le départ de mettre le pays de la nationalité de la personne entre parenthèse. Je n’adore pas les les adjectifs, je préfère le nom du pays tel quel. Donc non je n’ai pas visité autant de pays. J’espère que je ne vous déçois pas 🙂 Les photos ont été prises en Belgique et Hollande seulement.

  9. Claude said

    congrats on the photos, i will keep an eye on your blog.
    i hope you don’t mind me commenting on the photos i liked. 😉

    you’re welcome to take a look at my photography as well at:

    and i’ve taken a few series of street fashion for a magazine as well, here in London.

    anyhow, i’m glad i came across your blog. I hope you’re having lovely time.

    • tuinwoman said

      Thank you for all your comments. they are great and I know it’s not that easy to leave comments on a blog with no text at all (but this is gonna change in a few days…so keep posted)
      Rooh and your pictures are great too! You are lucky to live in London! There must be amazing people in the street.

  10. Lexy said

    cool stuff man.
    Keep it up!

  11. Rejean Ouellet said

    Un an plus tard!!! Quelle merveilleuse idée! Félicitations et Bravo pour votre idée de Génie! Je suis un fidèle admirateur de vos photos quotidiennes.

  12. person said

    You should make a Tumblr

  13. Amy Noelle said

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your blog really inspires me.

  14. Amanda said

    I’d featured and credited your photo on a new blog. Please let me know if you’d prefer I didn’t.

  15. Jaju said

    Hi there, how is it going with the pictures ?(a) i hope you still enjoy it ;D came by to say that the text on top of the website is very beautiful, i love it(A) I hope that you will be one day take a picture of me again, it was alot of fun, ( i already sent you an email !)

    take care
    (you will find me in the month november 2009)

  16. mimi said

    I posted a blog on your memory game as well !(11-26-10) Seen your blog today for the first time, Love your blog!

  17. Burak said


    That’s really wonderful website. I’m visiting that blog everyday. Let me ask you one question. Why don’t you use Google Adsense on site? You can earn really good money with this nice job. And sorry for my question but do you think sell that site? I wanna learn how much money do you want. (:

    Best Regards,

  18. qeasasefi said


    i really love the way you make all these pictures !
    you know how to capture a hidding power in everyones eyes

    keep doin what you’re doin!!


  19. oana said

    I’m from Eastern Europe and because of you I see street fashion in your country. I look at pictures that you posted on your blog and they inspire me to know what to wear in a boring day at the office! Many hugs from Romania!

  20. qeasasefi said

    helooo ! how are youu

  21. qeasasefi said

    i have been sending you massages or ages! where are youu

  22. James Winters said

    Love your work. No added light? Such nice catch lights in the eyes. Is that the sky?
    Also, what lens? The bokeh is so nice.
    I love this!
    Sincerely, james

    • tuinwoman said

      thank you so much! No I can’t work with artificial light (eventhough I should learn it 🙂
      It’s not the sky, it’s only a white wall in front of her.
      I am using a 50mm 1.4 lens. the one I prefer.

  23. Tibor said

    Nice photo’s!
    Recently found this through someone else’s Facebook when I realised I’m on here myself.
    Took me a while to find the picture (was a long time ago) but really fun to see a younger version of me!
    Thanks for taking it.
    Great project and good luck!

    • tuinwoman said

      haha, I remember very well, you were with your friend who is now part of the street style memory game 2, and there was a nice light in the Kalverstraat.
      Nice you like the pictures! thank you.

  24. Georgia Evans said

    hello! this is Georgia Evans. I lost your email address and it seems I can’t use the link posted. Yes the photo is great and thanks so much! 🙂

  25. qeasasefi said

    hey!! how are you doing

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